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Mega Downwinder from Kalpitiya to Jaffna

These services are included in the tour price:

  • Direct transfer from Colombo airport to the resort
  • 5 nights in a double room
  • 2 nights at the beach camp
  • 4 days downwind safari from Kalpitiya to Jaffna
  • 2 guided tours through the downwind Puttalam lagoon
  • Boat Rescue
  • Kiters breakfast and dinner at the resort. Along the way packed lunches and barbecue on the beach will be provided.
  • Water, fruits, soft drinks, all you can drink!
  • GPS tracking, so you can watch your distance you have traveled
  • IKO licensed Tour guides

We can organize any type of accommodation if you want to arrive earlier or stay longer!

Additional costs that are not included in the price:

  • Alcohol
    At the resort a beer costs € 2 and has a full 750ml (Lion or Karlberg)
  • Your flight tickets
    We recommend SriLankan Airlines, great direct flights starting from € 500 with 30kg (66lbs) baggage allowance.

Dates for 2018

 Start End
Date 1Sa. 02.06.18untilSa. 09.06.18
Date 2Mo. 11.06.18untilMo. 18.06.18
Date 3Di. 19.06.18untilDi. 26.06.18
Date 4Mi. 27.06.18untilWe. 04.07.18

Package Price


Additional fee for single room 200€

  • Total Price for 8 Days
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After the last day

Travel extension

Do you want to stay longer? Or you don't have enough of Kite Tours, yet? After two days of recovery, you can join our Tours again.

You also have these following Options that we can arrange on-site for you:

  • Kite session in the Kappalady lagoon
  • Kite session in the Kalpitiya lagoon
  • Indian Ocean DownWinder
  • Custom Kite tours in the Puttalam lagoon, Dutch Bay and Bay Portugal
  • Airport transfer to Colombo

The beauty of Sri Lanka offers more than just kite surfing.

Additional Options that we can arrange on-site for you:

  • Individual roundtrips with or without tour guide.
  • Wilpattu National Park Safari.
  • Visit the village of our dear farmer friend Jofar.
  • Jungle Offroad Safari.

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