Downwinder in Sri Lanka

Speedkiting, Bigair's & Freesytle. All at once!


Downwinder in Sri Lanka

For those who have not done that yet, here is a brief explanation:

We start in front of the resort, at our specially created headland with most tours and have around 40 - 75 km (24 - 49 miles) distance to cover.

We kite to the most beautiful places of the Puttalam lagoon, Dutch and Portugal Bay, without the hassle of having upwind.

The downwinder, which we offer are NOT FOR BEGINNERS!

You will be kiting at a constant 20 to 27 knots wind on glassy water, little waves and sometimes choppy water and you should already be able to ride safely. These includes, secure self-rescue, safe and fast kite relaunch on the water and enough experience to kite in various conditions, coupled with a series of physical fitness.

You will be accompanied with the kite all the time from us. Even if one of you need a break at some point, at any time you can rest on the rescue boat, which is always travelling with us

With our long downwinder tours, we always approach a perfect spot halfway. Let it be a natural island or a beautiful sandy beach where we romp around or take a rest for around 2 hours.