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I fulfilled myself the long dream of kitesurfing in 2011, when I went to Mauritius, Le Morne. After four weeks kitesurfing vacation was clear that I want to spend my free time and almost all vacations with kite surfing.

Since I learned kitesurfing in Mauritius on my own, I wanted to know more about safety and theory. The following year I made my IKO Instructor (Level 1) in Tarifa, Andualusia, Spain.

I found my style relatively quick, free riding in flat water and in waves, big airs, preferably long downwind, where I have everything at once.

In 2012, I met Chris, not surprisingly at a local kite spot in Otterstadt (Germany). An immediate sympathy quickly developed into a very close friendship and we started to plan our kitesurfing trips together.

In Sri Lanka we found the perfect spot for us: The vast Puttalam Lagoon, Dutch and Portugal Bay at 100% wind guarantee, riding with fast kite, far away from the mainstream kite tourism.

There, surrounded by the diverse nature and friendly locals, extended downwind, countless flat water spots in just one session on the board. Just to simply enjoy this, is my great passion. I would like to share all of that with like-minded people.

Oh, the other half of the year I spend in Germany, where I work as a Mechanical engineer in the Energy sector.



Kitesurfing has become one of my great passions, forms of expression and freedom. All my life I have been seeking adventure. Growing up in Sri Lanka I was privileged to spend time in some wild places. I spent the second half of my life in the United States, where I spent much of my time trekking through the mountains and wilderness, snowboarding, riding motor bikes and snowmobiles and even some paragliding.

I came to Kalpitiya initially in 2014 to work as a PADI Divemaster and set up a diving company. While I was cruising around on boats looking for new dive sites I met Chris and Mike who were doing a similar thing in looking for new kite spots. Our similar energy levels and passion for exploration were the makings for an immediate friendship. Soon they had me flying a kite and within a couple of month’s we were downwinding up to 60km daily along the wild and beautiful Puttalam Lagoon and Dutch and Portugal Bays.

Even before I started kiting with Mike and Chris they told me of their wild plan to kite from Kalpitiya to Jaffna, hundreds of kilometers away, and they said I’m coming with them. Sure enough about a year later we set off on that epic journey. Kiting along some of the wildest coastline in Sri Lanka, passing dense jungle and epic landscapes.

Today our mission is our passion, which is using the amazing sport of kite surfing to adventure, be close to nature and experience some of the best spots there are to be ridden.



In 2006 I had my first experience with a kite and was immediately hooked on this sport. As father of two children I travelled with my family in our bulli to many European kite spots.

With experience in kite buggy and snowkiting, in 2011 I came across a kite surfing class in the island of Djerba, Tunesia.

Since the first time I traveled with Micha to Sri Lanka, I was fascinated by the country, the warmth of its people, the exotic botany and of course the 100% wind guarantee.

To escape the typical overcrowded kite surfing tourism areas we discovered together the vastness and beauty of the Puttalam lagoon, Dutch Bay and Portugal Bay.

Through countless FreeRide KiteTours, we know now where the best spots are. I would like to share those unforgettable impressions with you.

In order to offer you the fullest safety on the water, in 2015 I received my IKO Assistant Instructor certification.



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