Downwind Tours in Sri Lanka

The Puttalam lagoon, Dutch Bay and the Bay Portugal offer unmatched playgrounds that combine the best of nature and adventure and we are just 120km northwest of Colombo.

With wind speeds of 20 to 27 knots , countless flat water spots, islands and sandy beaches awaiting you.

Kite surfing in Sri Lanka!. This is the place to be if you want to get far away from kite mass tourism.

The FreeRider's KiteTours take you by downwind to the best and most unique flat water spots.

For your safety you will always be accompanied by a rescue boat and us by kite.


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About us



I fulfilled myself the long dream of kitesurfing in 2011, when I went to Mauritius, Le Morne. After four weeks kitesurfing vacation was clear that I want to spend my free time and almost all vacations with kite surfing...



Kitesurfing has become one of my great passions, forms of expression and freedom. All my life I have been seeking adventure. Growing up in Sri Lanka I was privileged to spend time in some wild places...



In the year of 2006 I had the first time a Kite in my hand and was immediately hooked of this sport. As father of two childrens I travelled with my family in our bully to many european Kitespots...

from Kalpitiya to Jaffna

Kite with us the complete North West coast

and / or

Explore by Downwinder the best Spots in the Puttalam Lagoon, Dutch Bay and Portugal Bay

Pandiputi WestCoast Tour

We start to kite from the resort along the west coast of the Puttalam lagoon. Past palm trees and mangrove islands, it's all about speed tracks and light waves to Pandiputi. Our Rescue boat anchors there and provides us with food and beverage.

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Superfantastic Spot Tour

We will kite from the resort along the west coast to our huge flat water Eldorado "Super Fantastic spot". Fenced in by the mangrove islands, the wind is partially blocked on the water surface and creates an incredibly smooth as glass surface.

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Pandiputi EastCoast Tour

We start kiting at the lagoon from the resort to the east coast of Puttalam. Once there, there are subtle flat water spots and some light waves in between. Under side-onshore conditions, we will ride further along the coastline, which is mainly consisting of mangroves.

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Dutch Bay Safari

With the jeeps we head to the Kalpitiya lagoon and from there, off-road along the Indian Ocean to Karimundal. Here is an unspoilt sandy beach, with literally ironed-flat -smooth as glass-water.

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Kalpitiya Dutch Bay Downwinder

We will drive with the Jeeps to the Kalpitiya lagoon. From there we kite the Anaiwasal channel to the Dutch Bay. Passing Erumativu we will head to Sinna Archchal. In between, there are countless flat water spots that you simply have to ride.

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Dutch Bay Island Katamaran Safari

From the resort, we are kiting along the west coast to the "Spurfantatastic spot". Between Pullupiddi and Ambanttativu and go directly to Karative past direction Wilpattu National Park.

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Portugal Bay Katamaran Safari

Since there are many points in Ipantivu with perfect wind cover , the day truly starts from the bed onto the board. After breakfast and warmed up with kiting, it is time for the second stage.

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Portugal Bay Kite Session

After a hearty breakfast, we get back on the board. Now it's time to explore the most northern point of the Portugal Bay. Blinded from the finest flat water and the shore break in the Indian Ocean is really something for everyone.

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Pandiputi SuperFantastic Tour

To finish off, there is our "Best of Tour" in the Puttalam lagoon. All driven spots you have rode before and now you can enjoy the security of the known.

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From the bed onto the board

Our HomeBase is directly located at the Kappalady Lagoon

Unique accommodation options

Living in "Fishing Hut" bungalows or tent rooms.
Three different options with three different styles.

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in 4 Days 300km by kite

Mega downwinder from Kalptiya to Jaffna

4 Days endless playground

Your downwind dreams will become true

6 Nights

in a double room

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on the beach camp

support from Kiter to Kiter

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